Sergi A.C. & La Màquina Corrupta


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We like to think that ‘Post’ is more of a dialogue between two artists than a split record. In fact, these songs were not initially intended for a collaborative album but when we received the material we felt that they had to be presented together rather than on two different EPs. Ramón (La Màquina Corrupta) and Sergi A.C. have been friends for years and share a similar background: they have grown up listening to punk records and going to shows and it wasn’t until several years later that they both became interested in electronic music.

In ‘Post’, La Màquina Corrupta departs a bit from the more techno tracks for which he is best known and builds four suffocating cuts of post-industrial sound with modular synths, sometimes more rhythmic, sometimes more ambient but always mysterious and haunting. On the other hand, Sergi A.C. returns after releasing early this year ‘Despartença’, his first álbum under this new a.k.a. His four songs are less contemplative, more direct, and jumbled in frantic, broken rhythms, distorted sampled vocals, and digital synthesizers. It is undeniable that the two artists have their own particular sound but the songs flow as part of a whole.

For us, ‘Post’ works as a new starting point after months of confinement and the absence of live concerts and club sessions, and at the same time as the embodiment of a longing, of a hope that is never lost.