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  • Format:
  • Cassette
  • Genre:
  • ambient / drone

PURGA is a duo composed of Afonso Ferreira (FARWARMTH, HRNS) and João Rochinha (UNITEDSTATESOF, ADW), two young producers from Portugal. Their collaboration is one that started in an informal way after meeting online in their very early teenage years. Countless stems, samples and original piano and guitar recordings have been traded between these two from the start of their individual paths in electronic music. There is a bit of João Rochinha in FARWARMTH and a bit of Afonso Ferreira in UNITEDSTATESOF, each of their solo projects. PURGA is the outlet for their individual ideas, techniques, processes and styles to clash together and be thrown into a particle accelerator. CENTRO holds very true to this statement. The grim, unvarnished drones of João wash away Afonso’s brutal and glossy instrumentation work. The noise textures that crawl under the skin and the oppressive clutch of the intense, surreal sound blasts create anxiety that is almost palpable. But there is space for light under the skin too and you will feel it in short dabs of Senegalese singing, beautiful Erhu playing and the rest of the very dynamic sound pallet of this release. It’s a very immersive listening experience but far from a soothing one. This seems only natural when you learn that PURGA means “purge” in Portuguese. That’s all the two have ever done with their music.