A Blessing Withdrawn



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Over a relatively short timespan Hank Gillett’s project Pterygium has demonstrated itself to have ambitious intent and be something of a sonic chameleon which inhabits the in-between spaces between noise, dark ambience and post-industrial spheres. Armed with this modus operandi, it has created a unique and now recognisable sound for Pterygium following the well-received releases on Tesco Organisation (2018’s Concealing the Past) and No Rent Records (2020’s Stoic Ubiquity).

For his first release on Cønjuntø Vacíø, we are extremely proud to present a two track 7” EP, which is the first of Pterygium’s on both vinyl as well as its shorter release format. Delivering two instrumental tracks, on A Blessing Withdrawn, Hank has opted to emphasise and showcase the dark ambient side of his sound. With a religious slant to the track titles, this is reflected in the sacral tinged soundscapes which seamlessly blench samples of ceremonial laments. Being brooding and contemplative the tone stops short of arcing into territories of overt sonic angst. File next to the sacral post-industrial soundscapes of later era Raison d’Etre, or the dark ambient side of Lussuria.