Corazón Roto Por Siempre Y Orgulloso



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  • Label:
  • Cønjuntø Vacíø
  • Format:
  • LP
  • Genre:
  • synth/wave

Raúl Q. de Orte started his path as Paralelo five years ago with Figura 1; his first EP in which he offers a particular vision of cold wave using a crude and primitive technique which was useful at that moment to set out the project.

There were five more Figuras after the first one, and, a while after, his two references in Conjunto Vacío were released: Vestir El Luto (Conjunto Vacío, 2014) and Laurel y Mercurio (Conjunto Vacío, 2015).
These last two tapes reassure a project in the intimacy of a bedroom with an improved sound that keeps the lo-fi essence but refines the intention. In this period two songs are born which are well known in his repertoire: El Lobo del Valle Escondido and Europa y Aliados. This evolution also occurs on the technical side: the musician obsesses over the idea of finding the perfect set; buys and sells drum machines and synthesizers until he finds what he needs. It’s then when he shuts himself in in his bedroom and composes his first LP.

In these five years, Paralelo has developed an imaginary that has gone from darkness and helplessness to a more conscious relation with human pain, love, and honor that culminates in his long-awaited first album.

There are three main tenets in the music and lyrics of Paralelo: liberty, equality, and solidarity. Corazón Roto Por Siempre y Orgulloso is a celebration and a solid declaration of intentions. Paralelo sings a more human and committed way of being in the world, he sings the beauty of heartbreak and the need to feel pain in a dehumanized world.
In songs like Es La Pérdida Eterna, we see the voice of a Quixote who has not given up, who has accepted his madness and seeks to weave a network of relations, affections, loyalties, care, friendship and humor as a response to human cruelty and as a determined way of being in the world. Paralelo recovers the quixotic epic in which the word is an unshakeable oath; breaking that oath means to infringe a fundamental value related to that which makes us more human.

All these ideas about love, the pathetic, justice, honor and beauty of human pain which Paralelo has been developing during these five years are sublimated in Corazón Roto Por Siempre y Orgulloso. A first LP that settles a whole epic imaginary that enhances a fallen hero, always romantic through his analogic synthesizers and danceable and powerful melodies.

“The sorrows are not made for the beasts but for men.”