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28.05.2018 Uncategorized

Wim Dehaen “Pipe Scenario XI”

“In this piece I present 24 brief discrete zones of pure digitalia. The idea is to create a strong sense of (macro-scale) motion but no graduality. In this case, in each of these abstract segments I took care to make use of rudimentary harmony, sustained tones and pleasing interferences. The suggested approach here is listening in blocks, listening spectrally, learning to forget the time axis.

To show what I “left out” on the piece, I also supplied a contrasting second version of the piece with more of a human touch – the same source material but more graduality, longer passages, stripped down and enriched, structured heterogeneously and with an intuitive constraint-free approach that favors the organic over the conceptual.”

Wim Dehaen 2019

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Madrelarva “Abismología”

Julio Tornero returns to Cønjuntø Vacíø, this time under his Madrelarva moniker, where he draws post-industrial landscapes through claustrophobic loops and sickly drones. His new work, “Abismología” re-claims the pride of old dark ambient and classic industrial projects like Nurse With Wound, Nocturnal Emissions or the first Clock DVA.